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What's This Site About?

AAF (Advance Australia Fair) is an Internet property of veteran Aussie website design and publishing firm - Come On Aussie Internet Services.

Since 2008, AAF has been used (along with our other network websites) to help showcase Australian businesses, with their website listings sourced from our main Australian Website Directory over @ Come On Aussie.

These listings are shown in a different format on each site, and as such, provide important additional "citations" for their parent business... another link pointing to their site... and hopefully some traffic to help out a little more.

How Do I Get My Website Listed Here?

It's dead easy to do...

But remember... ONLY AUSTRALIAN web sites are included in our index... for fairly obvious reasons you'd think :)

If yours is not an Aussie site, please don't waste my time as it WILL be removed :)

So.... that said... please

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